Short Works

Kindle Vellas (Web Series)

"An explosive kiss turns into a desire that transcends realms in this gay romance with a supernatural twist. Mateo must use his wits and bravery to track down the mysterious otherworldly man that saved his life, all the while battling demons that only he can see. He may only be a human, but it seems the blue devil's kiss left more than butterflies."
"The life of a fairy used to be simple. Frolic, gather, survive. Rain never liked that very much, and with humans making the forest more dangerous every day, the fairy's needed a warrior. No more would fairy's be carried off by birds or pounced on by cats. Join Rain as she discovers her place among her kind as the world's smallest samurai."
"Magdalena is the witch and protector of Ceruma who is pushed to action when an invading army threatens the city. Follow Magdalena through her life as she fights to give her family and her people the best life she can, but not without repercussions. Secrets will be revealed in this prequel to Aradia The Witch."
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