This is Magisters, or Magi for short, a role-playing game of my own creation. It is heavily inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, but calling it a homebrew wouldn’t do it justice. It has a whole new class system, new setting, new realms, new deities, and new lore (to name a few things). Just about everything was made from scratch, if not heavily revised from the base game. I hope to share my work to hopefully give others ideas on their own games, or maybe even use my setting for their own campaigns! I plan to release all the game’s information here in blog posts.

Latest Posts

End of Year Wrap-up

Everything I’ve done this year, and what next year may bring.

Magisters Personality Quiz

Ever wonder what type of magic you’d have in a fantasy world? Come and find out!

Major: Wild Cards

Believed to be primordial magic itself or a direct descendent, Wild Card magic, or Luck Magic, is thought to be connected directly to the gods themselves.


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I first started building this game when I wanted to be game master for a setting that was a bit more active. I wanted my players to have any type of magic that suited them without sacrificing fighting ability. I also wanted them to be able to work together in any given situation without feeling like they need to use their abilities separately to make the most of what they have. Thus, Magisters was born and the world continued to expand to the point where it was almost nothing like Dungeons and Dragons anymore.

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