Aradia The Witch is a fantasy story about Aradia, the witch, and her life in Ceruma. Join Aradia on her journey to protect Ceruma and cure the mayor’s son of a worsening sickness after her mother leaves to go on a mysterious quest.

I describe the style of this book as Studio Ghibli meets Brother’s Grimm, with a growing sense of foreboding. There is lots of queer and Hispanic representation. Each chapter has a grimoire page describing a magical animal/plant/item accompanied with art.

Available on Amazon. Secret playlist here.

Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts is a comedy memoir all about my embarrassing life and my thoughts on existence. From my fifty first disasters, to my seven evil exes, I am my own biggest critic and I left no stone unturned to get a cheap (but good) laugh.

Overall, this book is a look at the life of a gay Mexican man and all the hiccups of being an awkward, anti-social, weirdo. The only thing weirder than me is the rest of the world, and what we’ve done with our collective existence on a flying space rock.

Available on Amazon.

Colors is an experimental fiction novel that is several short stories following a group of friends trying to reunite during the apocalypse. These friends find themselves in a foreign world that seems empty, but they are far from alone.

The characters are based on real life people and the emotional turmoil they struggled with. This novel heavily focuses on mental health and LGBT characters who are more than their sexuality.

Available on Amazon.

Secret Colors Soundtrack Playlist

Coming soon

Celestial Trials: A fantasy series based on my adventures as a Dungeons and Dragons game master.

Psychics: A metaphysical adventure of budding psychics being hunted by a cult.

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