Aradia The Witch is an Occult Fiction about Aradia, the witch, and her life in Ceruma. Join Aradia on her journey to protect Ceruma and cure the mayor’s son of a worsening sickness after her mother leaves to go on a mysterious quest.

I describe the style of this book as Studio Ghibli meets Brother’s Grimm, with a growing sense of foreboding. There is lots of queer and Hispanic representation. Each chapter has a grimoire page describing a magical animal/plant/item accompanied with art.

Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts is a comedy memoir all about my embarrassing life and my thoughts on existence. From my fifty first disasters, to my seven evil exes, I am my own biggest critic and I left no stone unturned to get a cheap (but good) laugh.

Overall, this book is a look at the life of a gay Mexican man and all the hiccups of being an awkward, anti-social, weirdo. The only thing weirder than me is the rest of the world, and what we’ve done with our collective existence on a flying space rock.

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Celestera: A fantasy series based on my adventures as a Dungeons and Dragons game master.

Psychics: A metaphysical adventure of budding psychics being hunted by a cult.

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