My name is Johvan Martin Calvo. I am a gay Mexican-American man who was born and raised in Michigan. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts from Grand Valley State University, with a double majored in Writing, and Film production. I took an interest in storytelling from a young age and was immediately obsessed with all forms of media. I started my first novel, Colors, my senior year of high school. After earning my B.A. I began my career creating multimedia content.

I hope to become a successful author publishing stories with a focus on minority characters. Video games, board games, and role-playing games are also big passions of mine and hope to incorporate them into my career in some form.

This blog is meant to hold my work, as well as be a place I can share my opinions and extra writing ideas. While I try to be informed and share at least one source before stating anything as fact, I am prone to bias and do not claim to be an unbiased news source. Any posts on real life situations or people are my opinion and you should do your own research before making any conclusions.

Business Email: JohvanTheAuthor@gmail.com

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