Blue Devil Inside Me

“An explosive kiss turns into a desire that transcends realms in this gay romance with a supernatural twist. Mateo must use his wits and bravery to track down the mysterious otherworldly man that saved his life, all the while battling demons that only he can see. He may only be a human, but it seems the blue devil’s kiss left more than butterflies.”

Blue Devil Inside Me is a gay fantasy romance following our Hispanic lead Mateo as he is thrown into a world of chaos and supernatural power. As a gay man I found it a bit strange my stories revolved mostly around women and lesbians, so I decided it was time to tap into my homosexuality. The story is going to be a longer episodic series that will hopefully have multiple installments.

The first “season” is going to follow Mateo as he tried to reunite with his devil lover. The first three episodes will be the introduction to the world and Mateo’s first experience exorcising a demon. Episodes after that will follow a t.v. type arch of him finding a victim of a demonic possession, learning why they have been possessed, then exorcising the demon, hopefully creating longer stand-alone episodes.

Another new thing I will be trying is allowing my Twitch community to create characters for these episodes, whether they be the victims, bystanders, or villains. While I’ve left the story open to having different things happen to Mateo and the world around him, the overarching story of him searching for his devil lover has been pre-planned.

I hope you’re excited to see where this story goes! I think it will be a fun new experience for everyone involved, and I think it has a lot of potential to be one of my longest and best stories so far. I leave you with this quote.

Its darkness seeped into me like dark tendrils searching for something in every crevice of my being that it did not find. No sense of preservation, no fear, no amazement, nothing. I was empty, maybe just for the moment due to shock or perhaps just as a living creature in general, but the creature found nothing within me. For if it had found something, anything at all, it would have lunged at me instead of Julia. It would have been me pinned to the ground, drowning in a pool of ooze and hair.

Published by Johvan Calvo

I am a nerdy gay Mexican with a passion for story telling. Trying to find my way in this world but I don't think there's such a thing as a "perfect fit".

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