Samurai Rain

“The life of a fairy used to be simple. Frolic, Gather, Survive. Rain never liked that very much…” Samurai Rain follows fiery fairy Rain as she finds her place in the world. Rain fights to defend her village against larger foes with her newly acquired sword skills.

This is a first person fantasy action/adventure from the perspective of Rain, a small fairy in a big world. What starts off as a simple story in a simple world might find a portal to a larger story…

Samurai Rain is releasing episodically on Kindle Vella. Similar to Magdalena The Witch, it will be eight chapters released weekly, with the first three chapters being free. Here is a little excerpt:

Massive Autumn leaves fell like amber dragon scales raining from a slain titan, each one displaced the heavy wind currents that threatened to carry me to the heavens. Still, I held my place. Like mighty stones against a river’s current, my feet remained planted against the tree’s expansive roots that spilled out onto the forest floor. I honed my senses and pulled from my inner wellspring of strength. My ears drew in each sound within the vicinity. Some sounds called out, others shied away, but the one I was looking for would be a gentle patter against the surface of the forest’s drum.

Click here to read the full Kindle Vella.

Published by Johvan Calvo

I am a nerdy gay Mexican with a passion for story telling. Trying to find my way in this world but I don't think there's such a thing as a "perfect fit".

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