Magdalena The Witch

Aradia the Witch had many secrets and left readers with many questions. What was happening to her familiars throughout the story? What would all their futures be? What happened to her mother?

Magdalena the Witch is a Kindle Vella short story prequel following the life of Magdalena, Aradia’s mother. Learn all about how she met Aradia’s father, what raising Aradia was like, and what happened on her mysterious journey to the east. Maybe you’ll learn more than you bargained for.

Magdalena The Witch will be releasing one chapter a week. There will be a total of eight chapters. Each chapter is a little more than 1k words, which is a quick read plus the amount of tokens to unlock a chapter depends on word count (in case you were wondering if you’d get your money’s worth).

Kindle Vella is an Amazon extension where authors can publish short stories. The first three “episodes” or chapters of a story are FREE, and the rest can be unlocked using tokens you can purchase which help fund the author. If you are new to Kindle Vella you can redeem 200 tokens for free, which can unlock all my future planned episodes/kindle vellas this year. Liking a story can help boost it’s discoverability so if you would like to support me for FREE please do check it out. If you do purchase tokens (for my Kindle Vellas or otherwise) you also get access to “fave tokens” which you can use to boost stories even futher. Here is an excerpt from the first episode of Magdalena The Witch:

Siete escucha mis súplicas y oraciones desesperadas. ¡Dame el poder de negar este destino!” Magdalena’s prayer came from the depths of her soul. Desperation swelled at the thought of the death and devastation this army could bring, and Magdalena would do anything to prevent such a future for her people.

The storm intensified with the winds howling like never before. Water began gushing down the mountainside, lightning danced all around, and thunder boomed with earth shaking volume. A mighty roar sounded in the heavens. All eyes rose to the sky. Each flash of lightning revealed the silhouette of a monumental Quetzal, as large as the mountains themselves. A soundtrack of chaos drowned out the screams of the army men. What was an orderly march became a scramble to safety.

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