Major: Wild Cards

Believed to be primordial magic itself or a direct descendent, Wild Card magic, or Luck Magic, is thought to be connected directly to the gods themselves.

The Wild Card history is vague, as many mages in the past were unsure of their true abilities. Often mistaken as good or bad luck, many mages misunderstood their amazing knack or terrible skill with magic. Some of the greatest triumphs and worst tragedies are believed to have been results of Wild Cards.

Due to a better understanding of magic, wild card magic has become a study and magic users have learned to harness their abilities. While there are still many unknowns, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of magic because of its unpredictability and possible strength, having the ability to create some of the strongest effects of all the majors if the user is lucky enough.

Wild Cards are seen both as the most and least fortunate magic casters. Both pitied and admired, how someone reacts to a wild card is often a flip of the coin. They are not usually trusted with important tasks since their magic is unpredictable, but are highly valued as performers.

Minor: Enigma

Considered a sign of the times. Enigma’s are just that, and people often consider them a sign of chaos and a wheel of fortune.

Enigma’s are the epitome of Wild Card magic and are the only minor to have developed their own way of casting magic. Whether it’s with playing cards, dice, or some other form of luck game, Enigmas have made luck magic the newest and most famous art. While other minors have developed on older forms of magic, Enigmas are considered innovators and the biggest change to magic in centuries. A majority of magic users are now focused on Enigmas for research, whether it’s because of their possible connection to primordial magic or the possible future advancements having access to all magic equally could have.

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