Major: Enchanters

Enchanters are believed to be direct descendants of fey or fairy creatures. One of the oldest forms of magic (especially according to the fae race), enchanting has become one of the most common forms of magic that is used in everyday things. 

Lunares is most commonly the god thanked for enchanting magic. While sometimes viewed as evil, many view him as a trickster god. Throughout history he is credited for enchanting the minds of many historical features. Some believe he granted others his abilities in order to spread more chaos, or prevent someone from tracking his magic.

Regardless of why, the fey race was said to be born when Lunares enchanted the wild life he found in nature. As a new race with little material wealth or physical capabilities to offer, faes resorted to trickery or teaching other races magic in order to rise in power. To this day many fae creatures are famous for making deals with their enchanted items. 

Enchanters are seen as tricksters and are often mistrusted since they may have the ability to manipulate the mind.

Minor: Empath

The most infamous and feared of the enchanters. Empaths are often mistaken for mind controlling tricksters who only manipulate people.

This type of magic dates back to the creation of magic. Myths and legends of people’s minds and hearts being controlled are as old as time. While the god in question is interchangeable, everyone agrees that some deity brought down enchanting magic and blessed nature with this ability, creating fae. These fae blessed the rest of the world with this magic either through enchanted objects or the magic itself. Charming magic became commonplace even if just the minor magic to make someone more attractive.

Empaths are considered the most dangerous magic users due to their ability to dominate people’s minds and/or bodies. They are considered the best spies but are equally as resourceful on the battlefield.

Minor: Manipulator

The name is often mistaken for Empaths, and the abilities for Casters. Manipulators are obscure and often don’t realize their true abilities.

The Manipulator history is tied very closely with that of an Empath. While enchanting people became very popular, enchanting items almost went into extinction because of the sheer number of artifacts available. Enchanters weren’t needed when artifacts lasted so long and just exchanged hands whenever they were needed. With other magic becoming more powerful many believed that enchanted weapons wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Due to research on Illurien there were major advances in the enchantment field. While the ability to steal knowledge and memories was helpful for Empaths, an Illuriens ability to manipulate water was exactly the push forward that Manipulators needed. Eventually enchantments became more than adding elements to weapons, and soon Manipulators found their place on the battlefield with their ability to turn their surroundings into powerful weapons.

Despite their obscureness and mistaken identities, Manipulators are often praised for their enchanting abilities. While often only seen as enchanters in shops, people well versed in magic know Manipulators are strong fighters who are full of surprises.

Minor: Chemist

It’s no surprise that Chemists are often mistaken for witches and wizards. Many chemists still practice their magic with cauldrons, while others try to stray from the negative connotations. 

Despite being in the Enchanter Major, chemists actually have a history entirely separate. Chemist’s roots date back to medicine men and women, sages and healers that predate most magic. Mages soon took on the practice, making use of previous knowledge of plant attributes to create concoctions of their own. As this expanding field of alchemy grew, many enchanters began enchanting their ingredients for more powerful effects. Not only did this make enchanted ingredients and potions a booming business, but soon enchanters became popular supports in the field. Able to bring out the necessary attributes in a variety ingredients, Chemists could brew up any concoction that fit the situation.

Chemists are often revered as amazing doctors and great support on any mission. While not strong fighters in one on one combat, given enough time a chemist can brew up the perfect potion to end any fight and solve any problem.

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