Major: Casters

One of the most common magic disciplines, Casters are the stereotypical mages the world has come to know and love.

Believed to have been blessed by the magic goddess Manara, the universe was given life-streams of magic that breathed vigor into everything in existence. This magic energy was absorbed by many life forms, and the first creatures to wield it is still highly debated. Regardless, many races began using magic endlessly in one of its most basic arts. Creating and controlling the elements was quickly commonplace several millennia ago. It is said that those who abused this power were cursed to become the element they were abusing. Many races such as Goliaths and Aquians were said to have been born, but more importantly this led to mages searching for new ways of using magic.

Soon all forms of energy were being manipulated and even the light began to bend to creatures’ wills. Supposedly, an all out war broke as a race for power and mana began. The goddess Manara couldn’t bear to let this abuse continue and limited the power of all creatures. Many magical creatures were believed to have suffered greatly from this reduction of mana in everything around them. Life strived forward and mana became precious and even sacred.

To this day, many see Casters as violent magic users often used in military forces.

Minor: Tempest

The most common Casters, tempests are just that (a violent storm, a force of nature). With the ability to control the elements and sometimes the weather itself, tempests are a destructive minor.

Their powers are said to come directly from the gods themselves, and most are believed to be descendants of famous mages. Tempests are infamous in history for starting terrible wars. While their powers have caused great advancements for technology and magic, people are still wary around tempests.

Tempests are considered glass cannons, weapons used to get rid of something. Only those well-versed in magic know that tempests are capable of more than just exuding magical energy in large blasts.

Minor: Medium

Mediums are often one of the most sacred magic users because of their unique talents in dispelling undead. Thanks to the minor’s ability to move all forms of energy, and more importantly mana, they are often the only ones capable of performing the ritual to help undead move on.

Often regarded as holy people, mediums are always called to exorcise undead. Due to undead being born from intense stagnant mana on remains, mediums are the only ones capable of extracting said mana. While undead can be slain other ways, mediums are often seen as performing a sacred ritual to release the undead from their cursed state. Many mediums are often called for rituals or burials to help the deceased move on, regardless of how unlikely it is they may resurrect. Mediums are the most respected and trusted of the magic users, often praised for their efforts in making undead creatures a rare sight.

Mediums are the most sought after magic users. Versatile and powerful, mediums are capable of many things with their abilities. While the ability to manipulate mana is the most famous, many mediums are a great resource in many ways (although they often have to masquerade as other minors so that others don’t doubt their capabilities outside of exorcising the undead).

Minor: Prism

The newest minor to the Caster major. Prisms are either admired for their “heavenly” light or despised for their “demonic” shadows.

With the addition of more and more elements into the Caster major, it wasn’t long before light and dark were found. Mages were quick to learn to manipulate the new elements and both light and dark spells became common quickly.

The usage of these spells are the true history of prisms. Many mages took to either searing undead with light or becoming thieves in the shadows. Soon entire spell books were created for light and dark spells, and eventually prisms were officially recognized (but often mistaken for priests or demons). Considered one of the most versatile minors, prisms have become famous for their powerful illusions and stealthy shadow spells.

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