Major: Polymorphs

An ancient magic believed to be directly connected to primordial magic. An obvious link to ancient druids, polymorph magic has developed into much more than animal transformations.

Polymorphing is one of the few magic forms to have a well recorded history. The first polymorph is most commonly believed to be a woman who was cursed with lycanthropy for disrespecting the nature goddess Gaia. Unfortunately, the dark prince Lunares fell in love with the woman and, due to his unrequited love, took revenge on the woman by driving her mad and spreading her curse during nights of the full moon when his powers of influence were strongest.

While lycanthropy has continued to be a dangerous curse, many worship Gaia as a merciful goddess who granted nature the first druid. Since then animal shapeshifting has been a sacred and secret art held close by druids. It is believed that it was an ancient mage who stole the sacred art and spawned several other forms of shapeshifting.

As time progressed the traditions of the druids became a thing of the past. They soon adopted many principles of other shapeshifting arts in order to combat lycanthropy. Soon enough animal transformations became a part of it’s practitioners and soon bred totem druids, druids with permanent animal features. It is from these druids that races such as the Ursine and Avians were born and with their magic becoming so intertwined with their being all polymorphs began studying the principles behind permanent transformations. Thus all polymorphs were gathered under one discipline and became what they are today.

In today’s day and age polymorphs are seen as strong and adaptable magic users with ties to nature, or tricksters.

Minor: Shapeshifters

Shapeshifters are the first of the polymorphs and often known as druids. They take the shape of animals and often have strong ties to nature.

Shapeshifters are the lifeblood of the polymorph major. The most numerous and well known, shapeshifters are famous for their ties to druids. Often praised as strong protectors, the newest forms of the minor are often overlooked. From changing the size of their bodies to taking on the appearance of other people, the minor has seen many new abilities added to their repertoire.

Despite their new tricky abilities, shapeshifters are still seen as loyal and strong protectors that love being in nature.

Minor: Weapons

Considered the most modern polymorphs, weapons are very disconnected from the other minors under the polymorph major. With the ability to turn into metal, weapons are often the opposite of the other polymorph minors.

With such heavy roots connected to nature in their distant past, polymorphs are often compared to druids of old. Druids had a serious aversion to metal and even lost their spellcasting if affiliated with too much of it. Thus the metal shapeshifting weapons are often a surprise to most if thought to be a polymorph.

Regardless of how others view them, weapons are just as much a polymorph as shapeshifters or infusers. It was actually the progress of the shapeshifters that led to the development of weapons. While transforming into elementals, druids soon learned they were able to transform into other creatures made up of similar elements and soon enough objects as well.

Weapons are seen as just that, incredibly powerful warriors that are not only deadly on their own but can be incredible supports for other warriors. Weapons are often seen as the best partners because of their ability to turn into a weapon that anyone is capable of wielding.

Minor: Infusers

A misunderstood minor, infusers are often mistaken as Casters.

While transforming into elementals was common, this was a temporary ability granted to druids by their goddess. Expanding upon the ability, shapeshifters soon were able to become the elements themselves, turning their entire bodies into water or fire. Unfortunately this lead to the loss of many druids out at sea or in a spontaneous forest fire, but eventually lead to powerful infusers famous for their incorporeal bodies.

Often seen as dangerous forces of magic and nature, infusers are often feared for their ability to become untouchable. The minor is rather rare and many are unable to cast the full body transformation.

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