Magister Majors and Minors

The magical adventurers known as Magisters come in many shapes, sizes, and races. Their abilities are just as diverse but, in order to teach them, a system was put in place to find similarities. This system consists of five main categories, Majors, and 13 subcategories, Minors. Each Major and Minor has their own history and magical set of “rules”. In this post, I will be listing the majors along with their minors with short descriptions of each. Longer descriptions, along with types of abilities and history, will be in other posts dedicated to each major (and it’s corresponding minors) specifically.

Major: Polymorph – have the ability to change the form of their body.

Polymorph Minors:
Shapeshifter – changes their body shape and size, often takes on animal properties.
Weapon – changes their body, partially or fully, into a magical weapon.
Infuser – infuses their body with the elements for various effects.

Major: Caster – conjures and manipulates energy and the elements.

Caster Minors:
Tempest – a conjurer of energy and the elements.
Medium – able to manipulate energy or elements near them.
Prism – able to conjure and/or manipulate light and/or shadow.

Major: Summoner – summons a variety of creatures or objects

Summoner Minors:
Soul Bond – summons a single creature with it’s own magic abilities.
Hive Mind – summons multiple creatures.
Smith – summons one or many objects or weapons.

Major: Enchanter – enchants creatures, objects, or substances with various effects.

Enchanter Minors:
Empath – enchants living creatures, typically mind-affecting abilities.
Manipulator – enchants and changes the properties of non-living things.
Chemist – enchants and enhances the combination of objects and substances.

Major: Wild Card – a wild magic wielder with a wide variety of possibilities.

Wild Card Minors:
The 4 Majors – effects will mimic one of the majors.
Enigma – the most bizarre and uncategorized type of magic, unrestricted.

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