Who Are The Magisters?

As the name of the game might suggest, Magisters are the life-blood of the world of Magi. They are trained magic users that take on just about any form needed in society. They are the guards, investigators, emergency response, even the power plant workers and so much more. If there is a form of advanced magic being used, you can bet there is a Magister behind it. But just who are they, where do they come from, and why are they able to take on so many forms?

It is said that Magisters were the first magic users after The Great Calamity. An archmage blessed by Manara created The Magic Capital, and along with it, The Celestial Academy, to help bring magic and order back into the world. They took on many roles during this critical time in history, fighting off monsters, helping heal magic creatures who were magic starved, and helping rebuild civilization in general. Today’s Magisters aren’t much different, and serve the people in any capacity they can.

First, it’s important to remember that in the world of Magi magic is as common as the air we breathe. The average creature has at least a mild touch of mana to them which can be used for minor “cantrips” or the activation of magithysts (mana infused crystals). A portion of the population has greater capacity for mana manipulation, however, and it is those creatures that go on to become Magisters.

While practicing magic isn’t outlawed, just about anyone who wants to practice their magic in a larger capacity goes to The Celestial Academy. It is at The Celestial Academy that magic users expand their knowledge of the magical side of the realms and their own capacity for magic. To be accepted into the school, students must pass the entrance exam that consists of a show of their talents, graded for physical, mental, and magical capacity. Once a student passes the entrance exam, they are granted a Magisters license that can be further upgraded by graduating through years one – three of The Celestial Academy.

In addition to their license, a Magister is assigned a Major and Minor, which serves as a classification of their magic. There are five majors and seventeen minors, each major containing three minors with the exception of the Wild Card major, which has five. These classifications helps understand the full scope of a Magister’s abilities, as each major and minor uses magic in specific ways (which will be discussed in a different post). Regardless of a Magister’s Major and Minor, they also have access to Magister spells that are known as universal (non-categorized) magic.

Unlike a traditional school, the goal of studying at The Celestial Academy isn’t to graduate at the end of the third year. Each individual year is set to train a Magister at that skill level, thus when students show an inability to expand their magic further, they are graduated and are able to enter the work force at their skill level. While students are allowed to retake a year and attempt to ascend to the next year, it is not looked down on if they are unable or decide not to. It is for this reason that you see Magisters working in jobs of all skill levels.

And that is who the Magisters are. Whether they’re a part of a guild or working alone, helping power the city or fighting off dangerous creatures, they make up most parts of every day life. Thus, any campaigns that take place within the world of Magisters centers around characters who are Magisters. This is not to say everyone is required to be as heavy of a magic user as a mage, but everyone has a capacity for magic that can be used in just about any way imaginable, such as allowing a fighter to strengthen their hits or a rogue to go invisible. That is why just about anyone is a Magister.

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