Stand-Up Comedy For Introverts

Stand-Up Comedy For Introverts is a comedy memoir with a millennial tone and sense of humor. Self-deprecating jokes and embarrassing moments are abundant, with a few meta comments about the book itself. The book is meant to be a look on the current state of the world and my own life, and how ridiculously depressing and frustrating everything is. Some important topics are politics, society, and LGBT+ representation.

That’s actually all the descriptive interesting context I can give. I wrote this book on a whim when I thought of some funny things and wanted to put all my jokes into one place. I often joked when I was younger that so many crazy things happened in my life that I could write a whole book, and it turns out I was right. I would like to say the book is 50% comedy 50% memoir, with comments about things like media and politics being my own take on them and how it affects my life. The parts entirely about my life are a sort of build up to jokes about how I used to be pretty crazy and awkward or how I almost died a few times.

Anyway, without further ado, click here for the link to the book and here is the excerpt you’ve been waiting for:

I am currently up at 3 A.M. writing this. If this is a surprise to you, I have to ask, at what time do you have your existential crises? I think 3 A.M. is the perfect time to start talking about the universe and our awful existence. Right after waking up from a dream that I thought was my life but was nothing like my life. It’s the perfect blend of deep reflection and fuckery. Why did I think that the giant baby parade was real? I don’t know, but I somehow prefer it to this world. What if it was real and we teleport between worlds in our sleep? That’d be crazy, but also why the hell couldn’t I go somewhere cooler? Infinite possibilities, and yet my brain takes me to giant baby world? I don’t even like babies.

I’d be really concerned that these are my thoughts at 3 A.M. if it wasn’t for the Internet. Thankfully, we all casually post about how our lives are hell and the world doesn’t make any sense, so I know I’m in good company. It’s also very important and healthy to have these kinds of thoughts because philosophy is a thing. Honestly, I’ve come to learn that people who don’t question life as we know it are some of the dumbest and most awful people out there.

I’m sure there are sweet little innocent cinnamon rolls of dumbness that are just joyfully strolling through life not really considering much past their favorite foods, colors, and music. That’s fine, enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, I haven’t met many people like that, so I’m stuck with the large majority of stupid assholes who don’t understand philosophy, deciding I’m less than them because my bloodline originates from a different geographical location. Seriously, every single person I’ve known to exist that wants things like equal rights understand complex concepts like how time is an illusion or how humans are all literally the same because they’re just meat sacks piloted by a brain. The ones who don’t understand those things are Republicans.

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I am a nerdy gay Mexican with a passion for story telling. Trying to find my way in this world but I don't think there's such a thing as a "perfect fit".

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