Introducing Magisters

Welcome to the world of Magisters! This post is a general look at the overall setting and lore of the game. Other posts will be a closer look at the individual races, history, deities, etc.

The world of Magisters is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, a world where technology and magic developed side-by-side. The universe is made up of five major realms: Aquiel, Gaiara, Sylenova, Undarias, and The Magic Capital. These realms have their own governing bodies, but are connected through portals at each of the major travel hubs in each realm’s capital.

Creatures of all kinds are allowed to live where they please, but largely the realms are separated as follows: Aquiel is for aquatic creatures, with enchantments in place to help surface-dwellers breathe. Gaiara is for nomadic creatures, with it’s landscape being mostly plains and mountains. Sylenova is for nature-loving creatures, with all of it’s cities using magic to co-exist within nature. Undarias is for creatures who dwell undergrown, with most of the realm being located within a massive cave. The Magic Capital is a massive city-state, where people go to live in technologically advanced society. In general, the realms live in peace with each other and within their own territories.

Legend says that the realms were once one, but an event known as “The Great Calamity”, or “The Great Separation”, divided the realms 3000 years ago when magic suddenly vanished. Before existence was extinguished, Manara, mother of mana, replenished life to the realms with her magic. With her gift of mana, every creature in all the realms was blessed with magic. People say that many of the more magical creatures went extinct this day, Manara having to sacrifice the few for the many. Due to her blessing, however, magic was no longer out of reach for many creatures. Suddenly magic was as common as breathing, and with this access to magic, there was a renaissance of magical growth.

There were many humans who opposed this rampant spreading of magic. They blamed the devastation of The Great Calamity on magic and thus claimed a realm all their own to live without the influence of magic. This realm was known as Earth, and without magic or the threat of dangerous magical creatures, their technology boomed. Their realm remained largely inaccessible, but a pact was made to have access between the realms so that those who wished to remove their magic could live on Earth, and those born with magic on Earth had the choice to live in the magical realms.

This leads us to present day, where magic and technology live as one. This combination of magic and technology, known as Magitech, allows for inventions such as the Magitech Carriage or Train, hovercrafts for short and long-distance travel. There is also Magitech Terminals and Portable Terminals for long-distance communications through networks of magical runes that transmit the information, known as Runescapes.

Finally, the center piece of all of this, the Magisters. With all manner of creatures having access to magic, a school was constructed to help teach and regulate the use of magic. The Celestial Academy is located in The Magic Capital, and acts as it’s own governing body throughout the realms for the use of magic. This school is where everyone goes to learn more advanced magic beyond the day-to-day powering of Magithysts, magical crystals that contain spells used to operate any sort of technology. While anybody who shows potential is allowed in, often wealthier families will send their kids in order to push their talents as far as possible, though the school makes exceptions for people to the point where some don’t require any entrance fee at all.

The school has three years of students, but students “graduate” at the year that is considered their “limit”. Thus, a student’s graduating year often determines what career they can obtain, with only the 3rd year students becoming Magister Enforcers, people who regulate the use of magic and arrest those who use it for nefarious purposes. 3rd year students also often join or create a guild, depending on their magical abilities.

There are five types of guilds: Combat, Investigation, Mercantile, Rescue, and Reserve. Combat guilds are hired for dangerous magical creatures, or renegade magic users. Investigation guilds act as a police force and looks into missing persons, crimes, and sometimes even strange magical phenomenon. Mercantile guilds are the heart of trade throughout the realms, and even includes crafting guilds that create wares to sell. Rescue guilds aid in natural disasters, and act as an emergency response team for just about any situation where people’s lives are in danger. Lastly, Reserve guilds can be a mix of any of the previous guilds, usually made up of members with a broader set of magical abilities.

And that is Magisters in a nutshell! I hope it gave you a good glimpse into a unique world and maybe gave you some ideas for your own campaigns and characters! I plan to release a lot more information, especially on the race lore and history, and the specific deities, so feel free to comment what you would like to hear more in-depth about next!

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