The Need to Be Political

In today’s political climate, it’s easy to feel fatigued and not want to participate or even see political posts. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and we are more connected than ever, making every horrible event from around the world pop up on our timelines and feeds. It’s a lot to take in, especially when we feel powerless to make a change.

We need to press on. We need to speak about these things. We need to try to make a change. This isn’t about picking sides, being right, or just being loud, it’s about being a positive influence on the world. Even the act of informing people and putting your ideas out into the world can make a difference. While you should take the time to take a break, breathe, and recharge, you also need to keep up the fight for those who can’t. Each individual carries the torch of those who can no longer fight: those who have passed, those who have been silenced, and those who no longer understand the ways of the world and the tools used to fight these battles. It’s no exaggeration to say that you, yes, you, carry on the hopes and dreams of every impactful person that has come before you. All the great leaders of the past fought for a greater future, and that future is you.

As powerless as you feel, the simple act of trying to correct someone or to show your support can move mountains. Suddenly, someone reading your post doesn’t feel so alone. Suddenly, someone feels like they can share those opinions and pass that ideology along. Suddenly, we are united.

So, keep being political. Being political is not a bad thing. We have been taught that there are only certain people who can talk about politics and only certain places to talk about them. This is not true. Everyone’s ideas matter and today’s politics aren’t about where an imaginary border line should be. People’s very lives are at stake and being political is being human. Show empathy, show understanding, and show initiative. Be everything that you imagine the great leaders of the past to be and tell people you will not be silenced and the world’s issues need to be spoken by every possible person. Only when we unite will we be able to tackle these monstrous issues. Only when we stand together can individuals become an unstoppable united front.

Published by Johvan Calvo

I am a nerdy gay Mexican with a passion for story telling. Trying to find my way in this world but I don't think there's such a thing as a "perfect fit".

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